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Nightly patrols in the Upper Northwest area to be a preventative force – and stop crimes before they happen.

Project Recourse

Revolutionary program designed to help victims of crime navigate the halls of justice, and advocate on their behalf with the State’s Attorney’s Office and other justice officials.

Watch Your Home Program

Going on vacation? Let us know – we’ll keep an eye on your home to ensure it is safe!

Citizen Protection Program

It’s dark outside, and you are just arriving home. Everything seems okay, but you would like some extra eyes to watch you into your home. With just one call, someone will be there to watch you into your home.

Event Protection

Whether it’s a dinner party or a large communal gathering, we provide event overwatch and traffic assistance to ensure participants arrive and depart safely.

Auto Theft Protection

An unsecure vehicle is a beacon for the bad guys. Don’t be a victim. Purchase a vehicle safety device, and never have to worry about your car being stolen.

Home Security Surveys

Is your home secure? Our police liaison officer can visit your home and tell you – and suggest ways to make it more secure.

Cyber Security

As part of the NWCP’s all encompassing security program, we are proud to bring you a new initiative to help secure the technology in your home and business. Each month, we will bring you an article relating to a timely or important aspect of cyber security. Photo Courtesy: http://www.perspecsys.com/

About the NWCP

Over 40 years protecting the citizens of Upper Northwest Baltimore

The NWCP is the leading and longest running community patrol organization in the United States. With over 350 volunteers, the NWCP helps keep all residents of Upper Northwest Baltimore safe and sound. Started in 1982 by Dr. Tzvi (Rusty) White, the NWCP has gained the trust and support of the Baltimore City and Baltimore County Police Departments, State's Attorney's Office and many other local, national and worldwide law enforcement and Judicial offices.

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