Thank you from Catonsville

Thank You to the NWCP from the Westchester Patrol (Catonsville, MD)

By: Paul Buker

About seven years ago, a group of us wanted to start a neighborhood watch group in Catonsville, but we were unsure of how to go about it. Having worked in the Baltimore City Police Department (Northwest District) as an Officer, I was aware of the effectiveness of the NWCP, so my first phone call was to Neil Schachter, President of the Northwest Citizens Patrol. Neil was gracious, helpful and offered to meet with us to provide insight and advice. Some of the best pieces of advice he gave us were to avoid overextending our volunteers and only taking on what we could reasonably accomplish.

He told us that we would need to be patient and persistent, to expect growth spurts and contractions, and to expect victories and frustrations. All of these things have come to pass in the last seven years.

The Westchester Citizens Patrol, located in Catonsville, Maryland was formed in 2010 with the help of Neil Schachter of the NWCP as well as the Baltimore County Police and their Outreach Division. Today we have an extensive email contact list, an active Facebook presence, and an active weekend patrol with the hope and expectation to expand our patrols. We also provide training for our volunteers, coordinate with a neighboring C.O.P. and are active in our monthly Police precinct meetings. Our in regular communication with local Police and has a good relationship with them.

Neil and the NWCP have been an invaluable resource and we look forward to an ongoing relationship.